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Guiding You Through The Maze of M&A Process

Mergers & Acquisitions Process

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We offer a complete M&A process model covering each key phase and work stream in the acquisition process.  It includes clearly documented processes for Target Search & Selection, Transaction Execution & Post Merger Integration. The model enables you to deliver years of M&A know-how to your organisation when and where they need it. 

There are 5 guiding principles adopted in the Integration Process. These are;
1) Get the integration strategy right for the deal
2) Design the programme around the benefits case
3) Provide shape and focus through outstanding programme management
4) Manage the risks to the business as well as the programme
5) Rapidly engage the people in both organisations

Get more detail on Post Merger Integration Principles at our SlideShare site

The M&A Process Model consists of the detailed processes and tasks, toolkits, templates, example documents and wisdom gained from previous acquisition activity.

The M&A processes can be accessed in a number of ways and levels. To view a larger image click on each box.

M&A Process

The Transaction Route Map provides an overview of the different phases in the M&A Process. Clicking the section links directly to the work area in the Process Model.



Post Merger IntegrationThe Integration Flow Diagram gives an overview of each stage of work within the Post Merger Integration Process. It consists of 5 main process groups (Integration Strategy, Programme Design, Programme Management, Risks and People & Communications) and 3 main phases of Integration activity (Integration Planning, Transition and Transformation). Each stage of work and the detailed processes can be accessed by clicking on the link in the Integration Flow Diagram

M&A ExamplesThe process group level provides:
• Overview of Process
• Summary of the suggested information required for each stage of work
• Example Output Documents
• Useful Tools & Templates to help with each task
• Wisdom – collective learnings from previous acquisitions


M&A Toolkits

The process level provides:
• Further information about the particular process area
• Links to Individual tasks for each process
• Suggested roles (ie who we would expect to lead each work stream)



M&A Processes & Tasks

Screen shot at the task level





Acquisition Solutions provides clearly documented M&A processes to enable your company to succeed in achieving profitable growth through acquisitions. The processes cover target search & selection, business valuation, due diligence, risk assessment and post merger integration. The processes are designed so you know what to do and when to do it. Delivered to your organisation on a web platform the M&A processes include over 250 toolkits, templates and examples covering all key areas of the M&A process.

We enable you to successfully undertake Merger and Acquisition activity across your company whether at the local level or undertaking global M&A. Contact us for all your Post Merger Integration needs.

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