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Guiding You Through The Maze of M&A Process

Improve Your M&A Process

Can you answer “Yes” to all these questions?

  • Do you know how successful your past deals have been?
  • Does your company have clearly documented M&A processes covering all aspects of the deal? This includes the identification, evaluation, execution and integration of transactions.
  • Are the M&A processes understood and consistently applied within the company?
  • Is integration planning well advanced before the deal closes?
  • Do you manage and monitor deal performance against agreed metrics and timetables?

“Yes” to all? - Your company has a good chance of consistently delivering improved shareholder value from its Mergers & Acquisitions activity.

“No” to some? – Our M&A processes can help your company improve its M&A performance.

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Mergers & Acquisition Processes

Acquisition Solutions provides clearly documented M&A processes to enable your company to succeed in achieving profitable growth through acquisitions. The processes cover target search & selection, business valuation, due diligence, risk assessment and acquisition integration. The processes are designed so you know what to do and when to do it. Delivered to your organisation on a web platform the M&A processes include over 250 toolkits, templates and examples covering all key areas of the M&A process.

We enable you to successfully undertake Merger and Acquisition activity across your company whether at the local level or undertaking global M&A. Contact us for all your Mergers & Acquisition - Acquisition Integration needs.


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Dealmaking in the downturn
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We provide leading M&A processes to enable your business to consistently add value from your M&A activities. Get M&A tools, M&A process maps, due diligence checklists, valuation models and succeed in delivering the acquisition business case through effective post merger integration.