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Guiding You Through The Maze of M&A Process

Implementation & Training

Successfully implementing a new business process involves dovetailing it with existing processes and training the business in its use. 

The Mergers and Acquisition Process comes as an off-the-shelf model or it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  For example your internal approvals process, delegation of authority limits, position titles and branding could be built into the process model.  If you already have standard company valuation models or other guidance material these can be incorporated to give a seamless process for your company effectively adding the key bits of the process that you haven’t documented.

Your likelihood of successful M&A delivery will increase when your business understands the M&A process and how to use the tools and techniques.  As part of implementing the process in your business we recommend providing training to a number of key staff to ensure they are familiar with the M&A processes and to give them experience using the tools and techniques.  This is particularly relevant for the integration section which is likely to touch all aspects of your business.

Working with your M&A and organisational development teams we will tailor our training to ensure the learning is targeted to the right areas within your business.

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