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About Acquisition Solutions

Every year more and more companies undertake Mergers and Acquisitions as a means of fuelling part of their corporate growth.  Yet very few companies globally have established business processes to manage the full range of activities when undertaking Mergers and Acquisitions.  An even smaller number of companies have employees across all key areas of the business that have a thorough understanding of the Merger & Acquisition process.  It is not surprising therefore that success rates in Mergers and Acquisitions is highly variable.

Acquisition Solutions was established by Chris Brown to enable businesses to consistently deliver successful Merger & Acquisition transactions.  We provide the processes and tools to enable your business to undertake M&A activity with confidence and establish the organisational knowledge that is critical for your business to successfully undertake M&A activity.

Professional Biography

Chris Brown, BCom, CA, MBA, ACIS
Managing Director

Chris Brown is the founder and Managing Director of Acquisition Solutions Ltd.Chris Brown is the founder of Acquisition Solutions.  He advises companies on Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Growth and business turn-arounds. He brings a wealth of international experience having lived and/or worked in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, USA, France, England and South Africa.

Immediately prior to establishing Acquisition Solutions he was an executive with the BOC Group Plc one of the leading global Industrial Gases companies. In his five years at BOC he held both corporate development and line management roles.  His global responsibilities included; the establishment of group Merger and Acquisition processes,  training the business units in their use, identifying acquisition candidates, assessing strategic fit with existing business units, due-diligence, working with line management to establish integration plans and deal negotiation.  In addition Chris spent 2 years in Malaysia managing the restructuring of the Malaysian business following a significant acquisition.

Prior roles include being Interim Managing Director for ITI Energy and Strategy Director for an Australian Electricity supplier.  Key activities included assessing the strategic growth options for the retail business and significant joint venture negotiations.

Chris also spent 14 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers leaving as a Corporate Finance Director in 1998.  While with PwC his responsibilities included:

  • Undertaking feasibility studies to support major capital projects
  • Providing Strategic Advice
  • Undertaking Business Valuations for vendors and purchasers
  • Leading Due Diligence reviews
  • Corporate Turn-arounds
  • Lead Sale Advisor

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration from Victoria University, New Zealand and a Diploma in Business Management from the Australian Graduate School of Management.  He has an MBA in International Business from the International School of Management, Paris.

He is a member if the Institute of Chartered Accountants of NZ, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Company Sectaries & Administrators.

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Cash is King

With the current economic climate driving a dramatic reduction in corporate spending will M&A continue in 2009?  The answer is clearly yes – albeit at a much lower level than recently experienced. M&A is a natural corporate phenomenon and happens in good times as well as in bad. 

It will be the companies with a clear acquisition strategy, strong balance sheets and cash in their pockets that will lead in making acquisitions. There will also be an increase in paper based transactions and mergers as businesses seek the cost reduction and strategic benefits of consolidation but don’t have the cash or access to debt to effect an acquisition.

  Chris Brown
26 Feb 2009

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